go Vibrant’s Passionate Pursuit of Making Activity Irresistible

go Vibrant is a 501c3 non profit, but not your typical non-profit and it did not start out to become one. go Vibrant started with a few people with a passion to make a city (Cincinnati) healthier. Since 2009, our journey has taken us to building a network of walking routes that has got thousands of people walking and building a series of play-like experiences in parks that make activity irresistible for millions of people. And this is with an all volunteer board, two part time employees and a lean operation — so lean that we don’t even have physical office space (who needs it these days anyway?) or even storage. Well storage is the basement of our founder’s house so technically we do have storage.

Dad/husband, entrepreneur/builder, former P&G executive, non-profit founder, dancer, mason, son of immigrant, and lover of parks, the arts, Cincinnati, & travel

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